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Milk the Funk - a resource for brewing funky and sour beers that started up (to my understanding) in late 2014.

-Wiki - As of Jan 2015 this is a developing resource. Along with a few others, I've put in a fair bit of time working on filling this out so that info and other sources for information are nicely centralized and I'm excited to see how it develops. Dan (see his youtube page here) has done a huge amount of work after the initial setup of the page to help fill out info and format.

I think this is going pretty well so far, and one of the highlights of it to me is that it's been a good place to link some of the best discussions that the page has had so they're not lost to the void of facebook.

-Facebook Page - where most of the day to day action is.

For a list of podcasts, videos, etc check out these Milk the Funk wiki pages:

NHC Seminars
Yeast labs

Mr Malty - A fundamental resource for healthy fermentations
Knights of the Mash Fork - A bunch of great calculators in the tools section (and perhaps, with all due respect, the club with the nerdiest name in homebrewing).

Brewing Resources in Academia (Journals, etc.)
Chad Yakobson's Brettanomyces dissertation
Journal of the Institute of Brewing 
Oregon State's barley world
Milk the Funk's Scientific Publications page

Blogs: This is definitely not an exhaustive list of what I read, and I'm always learning about new blogs as well. But here are some of the blogs that have had more of an influence on my brewing. If you want a bigger list of blogs, check out the Milk the Funk wiki page on blogs.

The Mad Fermentationist
Embrace the Funk
Funk Factory
Eureka Brewing
Ales of the Riverwards
Browne and Bitter
Beer, Bikes & Adventures
Farmhouse Beer Blog

Last updated: October 2015

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